Grapes Black
  • Grapes Black  / నల్ల ద్రాక్ష

Grapes Black / నల్ల ద్రాక్ష

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About Black grapes, Kala angoor (Grafted)

Grapes plant is a fruit plant, which is known as Angoor Scientific name of this plant is Vitis Vinifera and it is a juicy plant, which are green, purple or black in color. Grapes are used as sweet fruit and for making jam, jelly, wine, vinegar and so more.

Grapes plant loves warmth weather; hates wind and air. It must be protect from wind and air, this plant can tolerate high temperature.

It needs for its well growth good soil and great drainage system; well-drained soil is preferable for its growth.

It needs full of sunlight and regular watering once or twice in a week for keep moisture in soil. Light fertilizer is needed for this plant growth.


*Above specification are indicative only. Actual dimensions may slightly differ


Common Name

Grape, Angoor, kala angoor, grape vine

Maximum Reachable Height



Can be grown on Terrace & Land

Bloom Time


Pot Size

Min 15”width x 24” to 22” depth



Full Sun


Well-drained soil


Keep soil moist throughout the growing season


27 to 40 degrees C


Apply any organic fertilizer

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